Life is often full of difficult situations and there are times when we all need someone understanding to talk to.

Emmanual provides advice, support and real answers for women who are having issues with men. He listens and provides personal insight women need from a male perspective. He address a variety of life, family and relationship issues; Including love, dating, infidelity and divorce. He helps women gain clarity into whats going on in their relationship along with necessary tools, strategies, and resources to help them improve  and resolve their situation.

Emmanual believes women should never be victims in a relationship. He empowers women with the answers they need to resolve their issues and   gain control of their life. You always free to discuss whatever is of concern       to you. All conversations are strictly confidential and you will never         be judged about anything you wish to discuss.  

(All conversations are strictly confidential, You remain anonymous.)  

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Emmanual shares guidance and advice on a variety of life issues.His spiritual insights are based on real life experiences..

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