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Emmanual shares his insight and advice on a variety of life issues.His spiritual insights are based on real life experiences..

Relationship Advice for Women.

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​​Emmanual the founder of UnderstandMen Inc. A resource service that provides advice and support for women on a variety of life and relationship issues relating to men.

He has spent many years observing the behavior and interactions​ between men and women, especially in the area of love and relationships. I have found that many women often feel confused or uncertain about men in today's culture.

Emmanual's mission is to help women discover love, improve their relationships and gain better understanding of men.The number of unhealthy and broken relationships is constantly increasing. I have been involved in several such relationships myself. There is a major lack of understanding between men and women that is preventing most women from finding and having true love in their lives. 

I call this problem the men vs. women syndrome. It is this syndrome that is killing most relationships and preventing love.

There are two main factors that contribute to the men vs. women syndrome.              One is primarily the way we were raised, which includes the values and beliefs    placed on us by our parents, culture and society.

The other factor is the media which shapes, forms, influences and reinforces the way we see and feel about ourselves, others and the world around us.

These two factors are the root causes of why women have so much difficulty developing, growing and maintaining a loving relationship with a man. Most of the traditional solutions found in books, articles, advice from friends, and professionals don't address the real root causes of this problem. They don’t solve the problem, they tend to only make it worse.

I share with you principles that will increase your awareness to the problems that are preventing you from discovering true love in your life.

If you learn these principles, and apply them, you will recognize and discover true love, improve your relationships and live a happier overall life.

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