The Art of Accessing God

Non-resistance is about not resisting what is present right now, but rather accepting and embracing what is happening regardless to how it appears. It is a method of transforming a present situation into a different experience.

It is a simple practice that has been taught by many spiritual teachers who believe non-resistance is a pathway to an abundant life. Although greatly misunderstood it is one of the most powerful and important ingredients in manifesting abundance in one's life.

Non-resistance does not mean becoming a doormat for others, to let them walk all over you. Nor does it mean you passively sit around and do nothing.

Resistance is when you are constantly worried and concerned about things which you can do little about. When we focus on of how things should be or how something must turn out, you are then resistant. You become powerless! When you cannot accept things as they are, you restrict the natural energy flow of life. This causes stress, depression, worrier, illness and has an adverse effect on your overall well being.

How can I be calm when things are happening all around me? 

Rather than resisting what is happening or responding emotionally to the events which take place in everyday life, you simply apply the art of non- resistance.

Know that in any situation there is a divine power that governs all things, regardless as to how the situation appears  .......all is well!

Join Emmanual as he shares the powerful life changing art of non-resistance.

Non-Resistance is the key to the

greatest power in the universe. 

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