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The Greatest Creative Force in the Universe is .......YOURSELF!



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Emmanual Ali is a Life Practitioner and the Founder of  Discover yourself

Through his journey of self-discovery he has gained a deep perception and insight into life and the difficulties we often struggle with. Emmanual consults on a variety of everyday life issues, including, love, dating, relationships, family and divorce.

He has dedicated his life to helping people discover Self Realization; The awareness thayou are life itself, the divine creation, the total reality. You are as you were created, complete, whole and perfect. You are one with all that exists and here is nothing you have to do in order to experience all you desire in life. Just the acceptance of your true self.

Deep within you know this to be true! 

It is the unawareness of your true self that creates your struggles and blocks you from all you desire. When you learn to embrace the reality of who you really are, you gain incredible power and the ability to access all the love, joy, happiness, money and abundance you  seek in life.

Begin to ask yourself, who are you?  

Consider deeply this very fundamental question! It is of significant importance and is the pathway to your unlimited happiness, peace and abundance.If you dare to ask yourself this question, it has the incredible power to take you beyond your current life experiences, past the false perceptions you have about yourself and about life. It ends your life struggles and grants you access to an abundant life far beyond all you dare to imagine. It connects you with all that exists and transforms your life to a new level of personal fulfillment with little effort on your part.

The joy of life begins when you accept the reality of your true self!

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